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Say #NoToOpioids Today!
If a Medication is Not Prescribed to You, It is Not For You.

Many people develop an addiction through misusing prescription opioids from a health care provider.

Because medicines are powerful and opioids can quickly alter our ability to control how and when we use them, without realizing it we may start to overuse them.

Don't share your medication with your family members.

Don't take a friend's prescription pills. See your own health care provider to receive the best and safest healthcare options for YOU.

Addictions Can Start By:
  • "Borrowing" pills
  • Taking too many pills
  • Taking pills too often
  • Using pills that aren't yours
Say #NoToOpioids Today!
Say #NoToOpioids Today!

For Adults

Info for AdultsOur youth look up to us to show them the way and to be strong. We have all experienced times during the pandemic that we haven’t felt strong. It’s hard to know what to tell our children without making them scared. Our young people want answers, and even one year into the pandemic, our best experts don’t have all the answers.

Wondering if you should get the vaccine, how to talk to youth in your life, or how to take care of your own mental health?

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Understanding COVID-19 Vaccines

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